Lima, as any big capital city and metropolis, has many days of celebration and cultural activities through the year, most of them only known by the locals.

As a traveler, one always wants to make not only the most of its visit but of its budget, plus make unforgettable trip memories, that is why we decided to share with you which are (in our opinion) the best dates to visit Lima, so you can have a memorable trip experience.

You will find celebrations, seasons and some budget friendly dates in the list. Let’s begin!

1)      January 17

Next day is the anniversary of the foundation of the city (Jan. 18th) so prepare yourself to enjoy a free and great outdoor concert in the Plaza de Armas with many local singers and bands, finishing with beautiful fireworks illuminating the sky above this historical place.

Don’t forget that days before and after this “Serenade to Lima” there will be other activities like a folk dances parade, exhibition of the original Deed of Foundation of Lima in the City Hall, etc.


2)      Summer

Sun, hot weather, a bit less of traffic, not so much people around and beautiful sunsets. This what you can expect of Lima if you come in the summer, specially January is when all Limeños are on vacation, and most look for the sand and the sea of the south coast of the city, leaving Lima Metropolitan quite empty, with less cars and making it better to walk around.

Besides, this season is low season in Cusco and the Andean areas of Peru, so prices there are more budget friendly.

miraf mariana

3)      May or December

These two months are special because they have a nice activity for museum lovers. First, around May 20th, to celebrate the Day of the Museums, many museums of Lima will open at night for free or at very low entry prices.

This event called “La Noche de los Museos” (“The Night of the Museums”) happens again around December 15th. The date always changes but it’s always on Friday.

Another activity you can enjoy all the month of December is visiting the Nativity scenes inside the churches of Lima (Lady of Mercy -our longtime favorite-, Saint Francis of Assisi, Santo Domingo, etc.) as every year a competition is held to see which church has the best one, making the members of the different congregations to put lots of effort and imagination on them.


4)      1st Saturday of February

This day we Peruvians celebrate our most important drink: It’s the Pisco Sour Day.

All bars have special offers like 2×1, there are contests which give a prize to the barman that prepares the best drink and free entry fairs in many local districts (Barranco, Lima Centre, Surco, etc.) where you can enjoy live music, free tastings and buy the products offered this day by wineries specialized in Pisco.





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